At Moss and Co we believe in technology as an efficiency tool to make us and your documentation and service more accessible to you. We are uniquely engineered to deliver a personal service with highest standards to meet your expectations.

Crizo Connect is a Customer Relationship Management product which connects the manager with the Landlord, Directors and Tenants;


Better Service


Greater Efficiency


More Time

Our on-site service delivery helps your company keep your tenants informed and keeps you up to date with service charge payments, expenses, job progress and much more due to 100% instant communication via our app.

Our management app can gives you access 24/7 so you can catch up on our daily progress at a time that suits you. Interactive features give you control when you want it to action and comment on any aspect of our work in managing your block.

As part of our service, we provide both leaseholders and freeholders with access to a bespoke and personalised block management website. All free to use within our competitive service.

From checking service charge payments to reviewing jobs and sending messages, our block management website has been designed to boost communication and reduce the time taken to complete tasks. What is more, by utilising a centralised, ‘cloud-based’ database, our clients can access information anywhere and at any time, providing a level of transparency that raises the standard for customer service.